Feedbacks from students

Feedbacks from students


Sergey Stoynov, Bulgaria, 3 months of training:

“I’ve learnt a lot of new things by analyzing emotions and feelings, their internal and external manifestations.

I read a lot of interesting material of the group participants and got acquainted with their emotional balance.

What exactly is important for students, what is their inner fullness.

The result (many or few points scored) is not so important for our program, which is almost completed. This is the manifestation of individuality that is important. It is important that the student is aware of how he will control his emotions in a given situation in order not to “overreact”.

So, dear friends, may we be together at the second stage of training at SEC!”

Evgeny Ganovich, Kazakhstan, 2 months of training:

“I really liked the training at the first stage, opportunities, which I had no idea they exist, have opened for me.

Most importantly, it became clear that it was necessary to look at yourself and your feelings (emotions) from the outside and conduct an analysis.

It became clear, how and due to what I choose the decisions which my life and the lives of my loved ones depend on. Now I know for sure: if you understand yourself, you can be happy.

I am grateful that I met such a mentor (friend) like you.

Thank you!!!

I apologize for the style of the message; I write you with a delight, that is a pleasant emotion for me!"

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We literally became one family.

Feedbacks from students

Feedback on training at the 1st stage of SEC School.