Results of the competition

Results of the competition


Added 08.11.2018

On the final day of 2-day battle, a user from Macedonia, , improved his score by more than 1 point, gaining a coefficient of 5.6742. His total amount for 2 days was 10.0042. His opponent from Morocco, , on the contrary, slightly gave away his position, his coefficient for the second day was 6.2077. The total amount for two days - 12,6957.


Thus, Moroccan becomes the winner of the 2-day battle. He gets to his balance the sum of the coefficients scored by both users of the competition (22,6999). Congratulations!



On the first day of 2-day battle, one of the participants of the competition significantly broke away from his opponent. from Macedonia scored 4.4330 coefficient, while the Moroccan ’s coefficient was 6.4880. The difference in coefficients after the first day is more than 2 points. Will Arsenie Vuchkov be able to catch up with his rival? We will find this out tomorrow – follow our updates!



Dear friends!

Our system selected participants for 2-day battle for November 6-7. They are:

from Macedonia and from Morocco


The participant who will score the largest total coefficient for 2 days will receive on his balance the sum of the coefficients scored by both users. Good luck to the participants of 2-day battle! Follow our updates!

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