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Market just goes crazy every now and then.
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Swimming with dolphins or dancing in Ibiza?

Being all nature freak and animal lover, I would rather swim with dolphins any day than dance in Ibiza. Not that I don't like dancing, but between these two choices, I choose dolphins. Always.

CrossFit or Street Workout?

I support workout in any form, but I would rather work out my durability and core. There is nothing wrong about Street Workout, it's just that CrossFit will help you to get spotless condition.

To visit Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls?

Both of these wonders of Nature are beautiful. Grand Canyon with its breathtaking view and Niagara Falls with the exquisite power of water. The choice is tough, but the scales is still weighed in favor of the waterfall.

Karma: evil or the law of Earth?

I can't say that I agree 100% with the fact that's the law of the Earth. I’d say, this is the law of the Universe. The power of Karma is bigger than us, bigger than anything else. I do believe it's here for a great purpose. To teach us not to do what we would not want someone to do to us.

Hurricane: punishment or the sign of Apocalypses?

I’d say it's the sign of Apocalypses, because it's caused by us - humans. It's Nature’s way of saying that we do not cope with our responsibility to take care of it and let it happen.

Dow Jones index decline ...

All I know on this subject is that Dow Jones has a good business. I guess the market goes crazy every now and then.

A friend for the End of the World: Shark or Tortoise?

I would definitely go with a Shark on this one. It is strong and fast. I suppose it would be a mess out there, so it could get me anywhere and protect me from, almost, everything.

Age - ...

It is kind of gift, kind of freedom, and emptiness sometimes. But I do believe it is a contract with yourself on the first place. As you get older, you do make some plans and decisions on what kind of human you want to be, what you want to do with your life. So yes, I think it's a contract with yourself.

A joke about Scandinavians:

I find all of them funny, but the number 11 joke was on top for me. It really cracked me up.

Doctor Strange and Iron Man?

Iron Man. Always. I love that Superhero, just in my taste. And Robert Downey Jr. Oh my!

To run from bulls or to fight a sumo wrestler?

I think, both options don’t fit me. But I am strongly against the option “to run from bulls”. Having so many lives lost to it, so many people hurt and so many animals hurt or killed for this kind of entertainment. I would rather fight a sumo wrestler even if it killed me.

Girl: photo model or sportswoman?

Sportswomen are fit and durable. They are strong and mostly know what to do with their life. Models are all about the attention, likes and being beautiful.

Smart investment:

Xiaomi phones proved to be a very smart investment for me. They are raising their brand’s name to a whole new level like IPhone. I would even dare to say, better than IPhone.

Investment in the world's best brand:

I'd go with Intel letting it come through as a global company with distribution and production in our everyday work. I would invest in Intel.

It is better not to invest in ... on Tuesdays.

I don't really follow stock market, and I don’t know why should Tuesdays be different than any other days. But I assume the question is on point. Maybe Tuesdays have some impact on stock market. I think Netflix Inc. and Twitter Inc. don't get affected, so my opinion is shared with Oracle Corp and NVIDIA Corp.

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