Who will be the winner?

Who will be the winner?


Dear friends!

Our program automatically selected the participants of today's One-day battle. We present to your attention pairs of participants:

  1. from Mexico vs. from Bangladesh
  2. from India vs. from Montenegro
  3. from Latvia vs. from Singapore

Winners will be determined tomorrow after the counting. Participate in daily surveys and become a participant of One-day battle!

Why do we do the things we do?

A man is what he believes in.

To be, even if it is tough

Nobody’s life is full of flowers. You have to deal the thorns at some point.

Sorrow. Filipa Blagojevic

There is no better feeling than seeing that happy tail wagging and that silly face smiling.

Work hard, work smart. Shawna-Lee Lawrence

Flex your intellect whenever there is an opportunity to learn.

Friendship and Conversations. Elizabeta Miljković

Once is enough, twice is too much, thrice is a poison…

Advice for the day

Not living your life is a mistake.

World Cup

Bulgaria showed excellent results.


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