Start analyzing with me!

Start analyzing with me!


Added 16.10.2018

Hiking in the mountains or parties in the club?

Nowadays it’s everything about to get attention and that is one of the main reasons why people always go to the clubs. It seems to them that the club helps them to relax. This way they cope with loneliness. For me hiking in the mountains is better for many reasons. This is where I feel really happy. I love nature and feel more productive when I’m surrounded by nature. I simply clear my mind, so I can work on my daily tasks without being stressed.

Background for sadness

Everyone has different way to express their emotions. Sometimes necessary sadness comes from the social media like Instagram, when we see retouched and “happy” photos. We easily believe in the life shown in various photographs, the reality is total the opposite. It is necessary to control yourself and stop overreacting to what is happening around you. Forcing the situation, we stop to really feel the taste of life.

The world’s simplest brand

I would choose YouTube as the simplest brand ever. Why? You can find everything that interests you: from music to educational video lessons. YouTube certainly plays an important role in our lives.

Mother’s breakfast

What an interesting question. I was gripped by nostalgia. I chose sandwiches as mother's breakfast. Years ago, when my mother called me to come home and eat something, it’s always been some delicious sandwiches. They take less time to make them and definitely less time to eat.

Diving or water skiing?

Diving is definitely a drive. I would say an instructional drive with breathtaking pictures of the marine world. I just adore it. Of course, such an activity is a big risk, but I believe that anyone who dives is willing to accept these risks and enjoy the underwater world.

Changes in weekly packages

Much more opportunities.

Michael Murigi: The Exam is Over

An elegant young man whose role model is Martin Luther.

References from teachers

Each of us is a source of truth only in the sphere of his own feelings.

Employees of a successful company: what are they?

It is curious, are our users interested in personal development as such?

The role of speech in interpersonal relations

...communicating through oral speech, we understand each other not only by the criterion of what we say.

Learning: everything, from everyone and always!

Why do we have to study even after the university?

Are face signals important?

We defined the feelings of others more accurately not necessarily by their faces.

Empathy within reasonable limits

Take care of yourself: look for a positive until you find it.