Blitz Interview with Aleksey Saparov
Borscht is mulled wine from vegetables.
Author Database Oct 15, 2018 Society and media
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  1. Can You predict anything that will happen for at least a year?

I cannot predict something particularly, most likely, life will go on as usual.

  1. What do You like most about Tashkent?

At the moment I live in Tashkent. The city attracts its architecture, where modern buildings coexist with historical sites. And, of course, people, the city is multinational and multicultural, where everyone lives in peace and harmony. Tashkent is a city with wide avenues, green alleys and parks, fountains and history dating back to deep antiquity.

  1. The thing You cannot live without

I cannot name a specific thing, most likely without communication means (Internet, mobile communication).

  1. Your last hobby:

Now I am studying the basics of programming.

  1. To drink coffee with someone from the past

If choosing from historical figures, then with Nikola Tesla

  1. Can You end this interview with the silliest joke you have ever heard?

Borscht is mulled wine from vegetables.

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