Become the hero of the day

Become the hero of the day


Every day, our automatic system will select 3 pairs of users, among those who participate in our survey every day. These users will participate in the One-day battle. On this day, they become the main characters of DB Advisors.

Today, a vigorous battle took place between from the Dominican Republic and from Kenya. Considering the fact that they have recently become users of DB Advisors, they are already showing good results and soon will become one of those who are actively developing it.

It is also worth noting the Greek , who met with a native of Chile . Despite the fact that they are separated by the Atlantic Ocean, both participants use their emotional intelligence competently, which they showed in the surveys.

Let’s not forget about Elizabeta Miljkovic from Serbia, who was challenged by Paraguayan . Different cultures and customs did not affect their ability to analyze questions and clearly understand which answer must be chosen.

Participate in daily surveys, so you will be able to develop your emotional intelligence and show yourself as a real expert and analyst.

1/32 of Mind Fest!

Tea Avaliani showed her best - her coefficient was 23,6587.

Emotions today play the main role

Those who are with us, win, even if they do not always lead in DB Advisors competitions.

Surprise and Money

Emotional response may vary from person to person, but I believe these differences are much more personal.

Don't let your mood take over you

Our reasoning depends on our mood swings.

New product: sale

It turned out that the leaders have more doubts about the ability to bring the product to market than the ability to create innovation.

Start of the new Mind Fest

Prize fund of the tournament is $5000

California map of sounds

Isn't it interesting to understand others without knowing a particular language?

Croatia, Split. Arsenie Vuchkov

Split is one of the best cities on the Balkan.