Analyze users answers

Analyze users answers


Added 11.10.2018

  1. Law firm: Baker & McKenzie (UK) or Kirkland & Ellis (USA)?

The breakaway between the first and second places was more than 50 votes (172 against 114), if Baker & McKenzie attracted men more (100 men - 72 women), then with Kirkland & Ellis happened exactly the opposite (53 men - 61 women).

Baker & McKenzie was appealing to all ages (42,57% of all votes). Kirkland & Ellis turned out to be the most interesting for people over 50 (52,17% of votes).


  1. Women's handbag from Michael Kors or Francesco Marconi?

Women dominate in this question and choose Michael Kors (75 men - 98 women). Although men were trying to make Francesco Marconi the winner, they did not succeed also because of those who voted against (85 men - 50 women).

The battle between the companies was equal, but the result was decided by people aged from 26 to 50 years (22.41% voted for Francesco Marconi of the total number of votes against 28.21% for Michael Kors).


  1. Gusty wind:

Here, men and women equally pointed out the book and the pit (60 men –60 women and 25 men –25 women). At the same time, men made a decisive contribution to the choice of the winner (69 men - 58 women).

The opinion of people over 50 is largely unrelated to the opinion of the other groups, most of them (47.8%) chose a pen. What it can be connected with?


  1. Snail:

No matter how hard women tried, the stomach answer became the most popular, more than half of all men voted for it (51.28%). Women were less determined and distributed their voices in this way (58 - 51 - 57 -24).

The least popular among all groups was the kidney option, only 14.1% of the total number of users voted for it.


  1. Evening gown from Jovani or Elie Saab?

The battle in this question went very smoothly, men and women supported almost the same percentage of compliance in both options. So 72 men (51.06%) - 69 women (48.94%) voted for Elie Saab, and 88 men (53.66%) - 75 women (46, 34%) for Jovani.

People between the age of 18 and 25 chose Elie Saab (48 votes) more often, while those older were all not indifferent to Jovani (only 118 votes for Jovani against 93 for Elie Saab)


  1. Sometimes it happens that you are lack of:

Almost half of both genders chose confidence (51.74% among men and 48.96% among women). The same can be noted among all ages, the need for real emotions among those between 18 and 25 stands out a little (42.42% among all those who chose this answer were from this group)


  1. Usually you spend a lot of time on:

Women spend more time on choosing food in the restaurant (41.18% of men - 58, 82% of women among the 34 who voted for this option).

The majority of those who answered (62.69% of all) voted for viewing friends’ news in social networks, while people over 50 did not lag behind their young comrades (73.91% of the total number of users from this group voted for this option)


  1. A human in relation to nature is:

In this question, the battle was right between the three options. Women gravitated towards “helpless child” (37, 17% of all female votes for this option), while men could not come to a single decision (61 votes for “Powerful master”, 54 for “Helpless child” and 67 for "Reasonable partner").

Younger people chose the “Powerful master” option more often than others (45 votes from users in the age of 18-25).


  1. Having seen how a child threw a candy wrapper on the asphalt, you:

Here, both men and women answered equally in percentage terms, while being in solidarity in the fact that candy wrapper has to be picked up and thrown into the litter bin (118 votes from men and 124 from women).

Older women equivalently assessed options with remarks and throwing it in the litter bin (43.47% and 47.82% of all users over 50) while only 2 of them would pass by.


  1. Products from Associated British Foods or General Mills?

The battle in the question went to the very end, but a few additional votes from men and a decrease in women's confidence led to the victory of Associated British Food (71 men and 65 women for this option and 76 men and 57 women for General Mills).

Users of the age of 36 and above chose General Mills more (37.12% among all at this age) unlike those who are younger (23.80% among all between the ages of 18 and 35)


  1. Insurance company: Allianz or Swiss Re?

Allianz enjoys equal support among both genders (55.77% among all men and 56.21% among all women). The number of users who doubted in their choice (73 people) was almost as many as voted for Swiss Re (96 people). The battle between the companies did not happen.

The same statistics disaggregated by age, only 5 people and 117 at the age of 18 to 25 chose rather, Swiss Re. At the same time, most of them confidently gave their vote for Aliianz (63.24% of all those who voted from this group)


  1. Technology company: Foxconn (Taiwan) or Toshiba (Japan)?

Toshiba techno giant was fighting with itself, the number of men and women who voted for both options with Foxconn was even lower than “rather Toshiba” (22 men and 19 women for Foxconn against 30 men and 26 women for Toshiba).

It is noteworthy that none of the users over 50 has voted for Foxconn, although there were 3 doubters. Most of the users did not find an alternative to Toshiba, although there were most of all doubters in this option (16, 94% among all users from this group) among those from 18 to 25.


  1. Film company: Paramount Pictures or NBC Universal?

Men were more decisive in this question - only 15,07% of them doubted, unlike women, 21.69% of users thought about the answer.

It should be noted that people at the age between 36 and 50 most often chose Paramount Pictures (65, 13% of all those who voted from this group). At the same time, people between the ages of 18 and 25 hesitated more often (33 votes for NBC Universal and 70 votes for Paramount Pictures)


  1. Reliable bank: KfW (Germany) or Credit Suisse (Switzerland)?

Men and women thought about Credit Suisse much more often than about KfW (77.16% of votes against 22.84%). People between the ages of 26 and 35 and those who were between 36 and 50 least of all were thinking about the choice. Among the first ones, there were only 34 people who doubted (25.37%), and among the second ones, 27 (25, 23%). At the same time only 8 people doubted (34.78%) among those over 50.


  1. Oil company: Gazprom or ExxonMobil?

It is worth noting that in this question there was almost identical percentage of men and women (50% of men and 47, 84% of women voted for ExxonMobil and 32.32% of men and 32.25% of women voted for Gazprom).

The most decisive were people between the age of 36 and 50, out of 109 users, 64 of them voted for ExxonMobil. But people between the age of 18 and 25 gave their votes for the company almost equally (50 for ExxonMobil and 45 for Gazprom).


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