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  • Higher philological education;
  • Excellent knowledge of English, Russian or Spanish languages;
  • Competent written speech;
  • Experience in the relevant field is desirable;
  • Skills of proofreading/editing work with texts;
  • Fluent in PC, including special text and graphic programs;
  • Attentiveness, responsibility.


  • Necessary literary editing of the articles approved for publication;
  • Checking texts for compliance with the requirements of English, Russian or Spanish languages;
  • Verification of the correct spelling of the quotations and digital data according to the original sources, verification of the use and spelling of names, scientific and technical terms, units of measurement, design of the reference framework of the publication, the compliance of the symbols with the established standards or accepted in the scientific and regulatory and fiction literature;
  • Checking the composition, logic, structure of the text;
  • Checking for plagiarism in written articles.
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Dec 31, 1969
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