Analysis is the engine of progress

Analysis is the engine of progress


Added 10.10.2018

Dear friends!

In this article I will try to reveal my thoughts about such an “action” as analysis. Nowadays, people became lazy and stopped analyzing what is happening around him, including himself, his behavior and his emotions. Laziness creates a lack of meaning, desire, and the desire for any study as well. Nothing else but analysis will help a person think bigger and learn a lot.

DB Advisors offers everything you need to start analyzing. This is the very reason why I am so in love with this website. You can draw new knowledge from each question and article. The analysis of the questions leads to unexpected conclusions, especially if you take into account insignificant little things. A phenomenon always happens to me when I am in the process of analysis. This is something resembling a sharp spike of thoughts that control themselves. Every time I read and answer some of the questions, my brain finds some memory from the past.

Now, let's proceed directly to analyzing the behavior of participants on the website. I am not a very experienced Advisor, but during this short time, I managed to come to the conclusion that the majority of responders often choose answers with well-known names such as Nike, Adidas, etc.

In order to give a “correct” answer to a question, it is necessary to study it, but apparently not many of the participants follow this rule. I think, having read these lines, they will want to rethink their attitude towards the answers to the questions.

Our brain is a unique system that calculates everything to the smallest detail. We often do not “listen” to our thoughts and ignore them. We need to understand ourselves, accept all our positive and negative sides and not to forget about the everyday analysis of our actions. In order to achieve success in life, you must always start with yourself.

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