About the curious side of emotional intelligence. Part 2

About the curious side of emotional intelligence. Part 2


We know that many of our participants have their own business, someone is about to create a startup ... We're attached to the fact that emotional intelligence in business is especially popular today. The demand for this competence is growing year by year. We are not afraid to give a definition: this is a trend. We will teach you to “calculate” your emotions by subjective and objective grounds. We will help you plan your business taking into account your emotions. You will easily begin to determine: what is more effective to do or what is contraindicated to do when for example there is adrenaline actively producing. We will contribute to the revealing of your employees’ accentuation. You will be aware of their prevailing moods in order to assign them the tasks that they will perform with maximum productivity.

Do not miss your chance to "sew" your team on emotionally intellectual "pattern"! It will be an exclusive under «EI» brand!

Managers with an emotionally intelligent team do not lose.

However, everything is somewhat different than it seems to a considerable number of people. For example, some level has been reached, there are benefits in any sphere - and a person is happy! He is a hero who has achieved a high level of emotional competence. And the person is getting relaxed, ceasing to work on himself. And what will happen tomorrow? A muscle that is not involved in the work will atrophy. The same in this case ... The emotionally competent leader must continue to work on self-motivation. And motivate employees as well. Motivation is something that is as necessary as emotion. Please note that an emotionally competent leader is distinguished by sincerity. Isn't the truth “taken” by us from childhood: lie is negative? For any tasks and in any context.

Do you work in a company where the initiative is punishable? Having taken one, you are in fear: what if the leadership will get angry? We will not discover America by saying that anger is a destructive emotion. And what is this business in fact? You will not be able to "redraw" your chief, whether you are a worse manipulator than him. Forget about this idea. There are two options. Either suffer, or look for another job.

A meeting in December in SEC student environment will be interesting and casual, as well as the second level training!

Emotions are the best way to achieve the goal!

These are the emotions that are useful for long-term success: compassion, pride and gratitude.

About the curious side of emotional intelligence. Part 1

Emotional intelligence does not solve social problems.

Another way to become happier

Sharing a positive, you will get more positive.

20th Century!

What picture does our subconscious draw?

There Is A High Emotional Temperature In Finland

This year the jury was conquered by the Japanese Nanami Nagura.

Now We Know The Reaction of Each Student ...

Due to the fact that test questions are based on the reflection of our “Self”, and students show their individuality, we managed to learn a lot about them.

Innovation in Japanese Schools

The analysis of the obtained data on the students by the system will help to find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Career growth

According to one of the studies, which involved new employees who did not meet expectations during the first 18 months of work, 23% of them failed to do this because of low emotional intelligence.