About the curious side of emotional intelligence. Part 1

About the curious side of emotional intelligence. Part 1


Today, SEC will tell you about the side of emotional intelligence that you may not have discovered yet.

Everyone understands that an emotionally intelligent person is on a different life level.

Anyone can get on it - access is unlimited! Aren’t you still on the way? Strange.

So, do you want to understand people better, rejoice and please, grow, moving up the career ladder? Commendable.

Then you should pay attention on those sides of life where you yourself see the obstacles. Everyone knows themselves better than anyone else.

One day you woke up and decided to improve the quality of your life. What should you work on first? If you want to do it yourself, then you need more time and effort to deal with yourself. And that does not mean that it will work properly.

SEC was created to give you effective advice along this way. That’s it? But in fact this is a lot. Imagine that you are a student, and you were given textbooks for self-study. Will you learn much and well? Even at the stage of self- and mutual training in our School, we give (except for the material, the platform and the tools) both advice and recommendations with guidelines.

Problems are not caused by one or even a group of emotions. Everything is much more complicated. Emotional intelligence does not solve social problems. Each of us individually (the ones living in society, of course) is a “material” for the work of emotional intelligence.

Just the director of our EIRC is currently improving in the course “Individual approach” according to Yale University program. She tells us many aspects that have become a discovery for her. And of course, she is ready to share her knowledge with you along with her work on the second stage of our training. The second stage will follow without a “pause”, immediately, as our students will pass the first one. We decided to give the opportunity to enter the second step to anyone. Regardless of whether he studied at first stage. Training is supposed in the form of webinars, live online meetings and individual sessions. You will find out details next month.

Emotions are the best way to achieve the goal!

These are the emotions that are useful for long-term success: compassion, pride and gratitude.

About the curious side of emotional intelligence. Part 2

A meeting in December in SEC student environment will be interesting and casual, as well as the second level training!

Another way to become happier

Sharing a positive, you will get more positive.

20th Century!

What picture does our subconscious draw?

There Is A High Emotional Temperature In Finland

This year the jury was conquered by the Japanese Nanami Nagura.

Now We Know The Reaction of Each Student ...

Due to the fact that test questions are based on the reflection of our “Self”, and students show their individuality, we managed to learn a lot about them.

Innovation in Japanese Schools

The analysis of the obtained data on the students by the system will help to find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Career growth

According to one of the studies, which involved new employees who did not meet expectations during the first 18 months of work, 23% of them failed to do this because of low emotional intelligence.