Another way to become happier

Another way to become happier


Added 08.10.2018

Almost every one of us is looking for a way to become happier. This is an ancient aspiration. The same as the desire to dance.

The music comes. Whether we like it or not, we start moving in rhythm. Transforming in our subcortical zones, this way music affects us.

Movements to the music is a way of expressing your emotions. And that is great. Sharing a positive, you will get more positive.

The dance can perfectly cope with the negative. People choose an alternative to words - they dance, coping with sorrow-sadness. Once they have lived their negative again, they say goodbye to it forever. This is the magic power of dance.

Moving to the II stage…

What emotions help to achieve the best results?

What is the primary human need?

...It is necessary to work on the creation of positive relations.

Getting rid of prejudice

To fight prejudice, first you need to define them.

Consultation with a virtual doctor

...a diagnosis is made in a few minutes...

Corporate fashion notice your inner feelings without drowning in them.

Don’t you feel compassionate about yourself yet? is easier for a person to live in harmony with himself.

Should we change behavior patterns?

Smart people get bored easily.

Distracted by working or vice versa?

Chris Bailey will help us find a hint.