Blitz Interview with Alexander Khabelov

Blitz Interview with Alexander Khabelov


  1. Make up a stage name for yourself

Considering that I am a drummer, I already have one for a long time. I present to your attention - Mephisto.

  1. Draw your self-portrait, using blue lines.


3. Watching the same movie until the end of your life

Unfortunately, I cannot name any special film, but I want to highlight - "Saving Private Ryan"

  1. Your favorite country

Definitely it's my homeland - Georgia, but I want to mention that I am also not indifferent to Russia)))

  1. The most amusing request of your friend

Being a student and living in Rostov, I received a text message from a classmate from Batumi who asked me to deliver a bouquet of red roses to a girl. And it had to be done before midnight. It was late and I didn’t have the exact address. As a result, I stood in the doorway with flowers at the wrong addressee...

  1. Black or white bread


Your limit is only your imagination

Keep pushing people to believe in themselves and their dreams!

Let time tell

Sometimes I’m called a South African though I am Kenyan.

Ideals change

Everyone should experience fear in their life.

Sensation of flight

I have no life experience, because I'm still very young.

We should only look forward

I love everything related to art.

Do not miss your happiness

I am a person of science. My profession speaks for itself.

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Borscht is mulled wine from vegetables.