Blitz Interview with Alexander Khabelov

Blitz Interview with Alexander Khabelov


Added 01.10.2018

  1. Make up a stage name for yourself

Considering that I am a drummer, I already have one for a long time. I present to your attention - Mephisto.

  1. Draw your self-portrait, using blue lines.


3. Watching the same movie until the end of your life

Unfortunately, I cannot name any special film, but I want to highlight - "Saving Private Ryan"

  1. Your favorite country

Definitely it's my homeland - Georgia, but I want to mention that I am also not indifferent to Russia)))

  1. The most amusing request of your friend

Being a student and living in Rostov, I received a text message from a classmate from Batumi who asked me to deliver a bouquet of red roses to a girl. And it had to be done before midnight. It was late and I didn’t have the exact address. As a result, I stood in the doorway with flowers at the wrong addressee...

  1. Black or white bread


A Big Database. About DB Advisors

So in future I see a successful office with EI reporters all over the world.

Why are we humans?

I don't want to challenge the Nature's Beauty.

The Immortality of The Soul

I think money doesn't matter, happiness does.

I'm very happy the way I am

I simply can understand a person’s emotions without having them tell me.

Endless number of wishes

Enemy unlike a hater is someone that wishes for you to disappear.

Fly and be invisible

I had a chance to visit Rwanda once, and I enjoyed it very much.

Love rules the world? Absolutely!

Every living creature on this planet deserves to be loved and have a home!

A Lucky Touch. Filipa Brzohalski

I'm not perfect, but I am perfect for my loved one and he is for me.