Big secrets and small mysteries of emotions
A correctly defined emotion has a chance to be understood ...
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We tried to give you a briefly curious (in our opinion) material on some emotions.

Basically and in particular, these were emotions that contribute to effectiveness.

We decided to highlight all the emotions, that is, 27 that are recognized by the world community, and then they changed their mind ...

The most difficult thing is leaving you to search for information yourself. Try to care: you need to know the information about emotions in order to identify them properly for yourself. A correctly defined emotion has a chance to be understood ...

In this article for someone we will open big secrets, and for someone - small mysteries of emotions.

Situation: a man you know is intensely gesticulating, talking with a colleague, what seems to be not peculiar to this person? And he does not even think about the fact that this gesture is the work of his emotions. Emotion "shot", the so-called cognitive process is launched - and a man is in his power. So the interlocutor of our hero left him for a more respectful distance, so that he wouldn’t unintentionally harm him with his gestures. How many people are aware of how many muscles are involved in our facial expressions? Imagine, a little less than fifty! And what is amazing: if you copy someone who is always unhappy, changing your facial expressions, you too can get this exact displeasure.

We already wrote about the opinion of researchers: evolution has given us the opportunity to hide our emotions. That is, you hardly ever meet people in the modern world who have "everything written on their face”. But do not be too triumphant that nobody knows anything about you. Also, try not to confuse "artists" with people without emotions or with meagre emotions. We have already mentioned them incidentally, by the way. Remember, if you regularly read us. In general, only 1% of people, as it was established by scientists, are able to mask their emotions so that they cannot be recognized by the most eminent psychologists and doctors. (Although it may be that one of our circle is in this percentage.) Is it you?)

But it is worth rejoicing that we can "give birth" to emotions, and put one emotion on the place of another. We cannot attach much meaning to a strong emotion. And then emotion that should reduce the effectiveness, but it won’t. We have much more to do with emotions! But we do not. First of all, because we do not have knowledge about this, we do not have skills. "Again calls for training ..." – you will annoyingly say to yourself. But you cannot argue with the facts: an "emotionally intelligent" person is more prosperous. In addition, statistics say that financial well-being is 85% dependent on your leadership qualities. Here's food for thought.

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