DB Advisors is looking for new employees

DB Advisors is looking for new employees


Added 24.09.2018

The products and services provided by DB Advisors help users to improve their Emotional Intelligence by learning the opinions and emotions of others. It is the qualities that are highly valued by companies around the world. DB Advisors was no exception; it offers its users profitable cooperation.

Cooperation terms for remote employees (freelancers) with DB Advisors:

Employees are appointed basing on their activity on the website.

The maximum number of working hours per week is 5 (1 hour per day).

Hourly payment. An hour's work is estimated at 17 USD and more. Payment is made on a weekly basis.

The candidate will have to provide all the necessary information for the conclusion of the contract.

We provide the contract first for 1 month to optimize and test your possibilities. If the functional duties are successfully fulfilled, the duration of the contract will be increased to 3, 6 and 12 months, respectively.

Note once again that the extension of the contract will depend only on the effectiveness for the previous period.

We will contact all candidates after reviewing all the requests.