AI has the same disadvantages as people have

AI has the same disadvantages as people have


Does curiosity affect artificial intelligence?

Researchers used about 50 video games during testing.

As it turned out: the behavior of AI is similar to the behavior of an infant. But how? He does not expect rewards from research. Creating robots without a programmed reward will make them more autonomous. And such a system is more reliable and is better controlled by a person.

But AI is easy to distract. As, indeed, a person.

The curiosity of AI was so great that it constantly switched TV “channels” when he got the remote. OpenAI scientists noted that changing images attract the neural network so much that AI didn’t not stop, and continued to randomly switch channels.

Emotion Research Lab – facial recognition

Thanks to the start-up of the Emotion Research Lab, faces in politics field will be recognized.

Emotions are the best way to achieve the goal!

These are the emotions that are useful for long-term success: compassion, pride and gratitude.

About the curious side of emotional intelligence. Part 2

A meeting in December in SEC student environment will be interesting and casual, as well as the second level training!

About the curious side of emotional intelligence. Part 1

Emotional intelligence does not solve social problems.

Another way to become happier

Sharing a positive, you will get more positive.

20th Century!

What picture does our subconscious draw?

There Is A High Emotional Temperature In Finland

This year the jury was conquered by the Japanese Nanami Nagura.

Now We Know The Reaction of Each Student ...

Due to the fact that test questions are based on the reflection of our “Self”, and students show their individuality, we managed to learn a lot about them.