Sadness is a part of human life, however...

Sadness is a part of human life, however...


Added 21.09.2018

“However, for centuries, there has been a debate about its essence and whether it can be dealt with. In simple language, sadness is the natural reaction of the body to a difficult situation. You are sad when your friend leaves, or your pet dies. When your friend says: “I'm sad,” you often ask the question: “What happened?”. However, your assumptions about the external cause of depression are relatively new.

Doctors in ancient Greece thought differently. They believed that sadness in our bodies is represented by a black liquid.

Also since ancient times people are trying to determine the value of sadness. A rather significant argument is given in these disputes, that sadness is not only inevitable, but also an essential part of life. A person who does not feel melancholy cannot be considered a full-fledged person.

However, it seems that wisdom and emotional intelligence stand high on the pyramid of human needs. Is there any benefit from sadness on a lower, tangible, perhaps even evolutionary level? Scientists believe that initially it was crying and isolation that helped our ancestors to strengthen the social balance and get the necessary support. Sadness, opposed to anger and violence, was an expression of pain, which instantly attracted others to the suffering person. This contributed to the development of both that sad person and the entire community. Perhaps sadness helped create the unity that is so necessary for survival.

Some modern thinkers are interested in sadness as a confrontation of subjectivity and reality. They rely on technology in order to completely eradicate any kind of torment. David Pearce suggested that with the help of genetic engineering and other modern technologies, one can change not only the way people perceive physical and emotional pain, but also the organization of the entire world ecosystem, so that animals do not suffer in the wild.

In fact, there are only two facts about sadness with which absolutely everyone agrees. First, most people have ever felt sad. And secondly, one of the best ways to deal with it is to share with it, try to describe what seems indescribable.”


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