Blitz Interview with Tamar Midelashvili

Blitz Interview with Tamar Midelashvili


Added 19.09.2018

  1. Can You predict anything that will happen for at least a year?

I doubt that. Everything will take its course.

  1. What do You like most about your city?

My Tbilisi is the most beautiful city. It is exotic in the evening, attracting attention with beautiful lights, with small intricate sculptures, young and loving couples. In a word, I adore it.

  1. The thing You cannot live without.

At the moment it is a mobile phone. I admit, it is a very necessary thing.

  1. Your last hobby:

My last hobby was embroidery. I think, I will definitely return to embroidery in old age.

  1. To drink coffee with someone from the past:

I would have a coffee with my beloved grandfather with pleasure. He was my best friend, who always supported me in everything, and shared very interesting ideas and wise advice.

  1. Can You end this interview with the silliest joke you have ever heard?

Yes, of course. A joke from my son: - Mother, why was not I at your wedding?

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