Blitz Interview with Iren Kovalevich

Blitz Interview with Iren Kovalevich


Added 18.09.2018

They say you should try everything in your life. Are there things that you will never try?

It is strange keep thinking over and again about the word “never”, but certainly it would be narcotic substances

What would you do in the last day of your life?

I would talk to my children and parents

Who is your role model and why?

Kind, resilient people. They are able to live the designated time to the maximum.

What is your story?

My story is inside me. Every new step, an act, arise from it, my words and relations are formed from it.

Do you have questions for me?

Why do you love yourself?

If you could become a superhero, who would you become?

I would become Flash. I want to visit many places and overcome the limitations that the human body has.

Your opinion matters

It was not easy for me at first, but everything can be overcome by perseverance, desire and interest.

Never give up!

...for me time is essential to get good results.

Luck and Tactics

In Emotion game, you can do an analysis of your answers as well as getting acquainted with question patterns.

I will keep enjoying my life

My triad is medicine, art and nature.

I want to share something useful

I believe that it is better to do and regret than not to do and regret.

The Force Is in You

I was very interested and wanted to learn more about emotional intelligence, and since then I can't part with this website.

5 months of active participation

I learned a few tricks that made me rank among winners in UAC-23.

A Writer by Vocation

My family and I lived by the sea, and I have a lot of pleasant memories about that time.