Are you interested in what is interest?

Are you interested in what is interest?


Let’s begin with the fact that, skills are not skills without this emotion. And there is no motivation without interest. Are memory and attention important? Of course. So, interest has significance for them that is difficult to overestimate. And how strong we are attracted by the unknown! Interest in it is the basis of research and cognition. It is impossible to exaggerate the role of this emotion in our evolution.

Many of us have an interest in something for a long time. If you do, then you are no longer have an emotion, but the feeling. Assessing emotions of another person, you should distinguish between short-term and long-term interest. C. Izard calls the short-term manifestation of interest a reaction of being interested. In addition, Izard points out that interest is experienced more often than any other emotion. Starting to learn the ABC of emotions, we clearly distinguish all 27 emotions from the effectiveness. Interest is always, whatever it is directed on, has a positive effect on the effectiveness. The combination of interest with other emotions gives an astonishing result. What interest can there be if the work is monotonous and boring? So that’s why there is interest, to do this work. Our efficiency depends on ... interest. And there is no need to mention people of creative professions.

Admiration - a joyful state of delight

Emotion of admiration generates a desire to just keep looking at the other person.

Teaching appropriate use of energy

Using a digital person is a very interesting method for delivering new information to people.

Сonnection of shades with emotions

Did you notice that different colors affect your emotions in a certain way?

AI has the same disadvantages as people have

Creating robots without a programmed reward will make them more autonomous.

Sadness is a part of human life, however...

Sadness is the natural reaction of the body to a difficult situation.

Who gets involved in disputes more often?

The subconscious denial of facts is the result of the fact that you are showered with facts by a person causing negative emotions.

Diseases caused by emotions

As proved by doctors, off scale emotions lead to serious heart diseases.

What is serenity?

Serenity is a pleasant emotion, though not as intense as joy.