Jeff Bezos. The Master of Automation

Jeff Bezos. The Master of Automation


Added 14.09.2018

Jeff Bezos - the richest man on Earth. He earns almost $5 million every hour. And every day the amount per hour becomes more and more. This person is able to buy everything that is sold, and what about the things that are not sold, he will set a price and these things will be sold as well.

Who is Jeff Bezos and why did I decide to talk about him?

The founder of the largest Internet resource in the history - Every day more than 200 million people visit this website. This is about the same as the population of Germany, France and Spain combined. ⠀

Jeff's main idea is to do all the cheap labor (cleaners, sellers, locksmiths, factory workers, plumbers and many others) automated. In early 2018, he went beyond the Internet and opened the first AmazonGo hypermarkets, where there are no sellers, cleaners, cashiers, stevedores. Everything is completely automated. Everything is designed so thoroughly that fraud or theft is completely excluded. As well as the purchase of defective product. There are already almost 150 thousand robots working at his warehouses. But these are somebody's workplaces.

At the press conference, Bezos was asked: “What should the ordinary people do in the future, whose places robots take?” Handsome Bezos replied: “The future of our planet belongs to intelligent people! Do you want to live? Develop, so that you will not be replaced with robots!”. Seeing Bezos’ determination, it is reasonable to believe that he will bring his idea to life!

By: Sara Novruzova

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