To emotions understanding

To emotions understanding


Added 12.09.2018

Emotions, emotions... We provide SEC students with the form of a Diary of Emotions. And if they are not lazy, and systematically register their emotional manifestations, they can gradually come to emotions understanding.

Understanding emotions is an important aspect, but is not so easy to really understand them. Lisa Feldman Barrett in her book “How Emotions Are Made” calls for taking seriously the variability of emotions. The author calls the set of different cases of each of the existing emotions. Offering emotions to represent the as categories. Cases from the category of any emotion change depending on their physical manifestations.

Barrett in her book gives an example of pattern recognition through AI, which works so well that it is even called a neural reading of thoughts...

The author of the book with his colleagues used neuroimaging to recognize patterns in emotion studies.

The book is written in an accessible language and is very fascinating. For some reason we are sure that you will want to follow the “revolution in brain understanding and emotions managing”. Even those users who did not apply for training at SEC.

Well, learn the wisdom of emotions yourself!

Source: “How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain.” Lisa Feldman Barrett

Moving to the II stage…

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...It is necessary to work on the creation of positive relations.

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To fight prejudice, first you need to define them.

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Chris Bailey will help us find a hint.