Who is more important for successful work?

Who is more important for successful work?


Added 12.09.2018

In our time it is difficult to stand out in the view of many employees from different spheres, so everyone is trying to find their way that will lead to success. Some deepen their profession, read specialized literature, study materials and rare masters of their business. Others try to develop as many different skills as possible, even if they have no special connection, but those that will help “in the future”. Let's try to figure out what features these two approaches to development have.

A narrow-focused specialist

Not many people have his skills, so he is highly valued by his superiors. He tries to solve some tasks related to his work during breaks, or reads another article, where is said about the most difficult skills that he needs to study in order to become a truly priceless employee. S see the talent and inclinations of the employee and send him to various courses and seminars, which he enjoys, even if the topics are the same. At first, he understands that it is important to be an expert in his own way, in order to perform the most refined work, regardless of his profession. Then, he gets a thirst for knowledge and experience, where the employee no longer remembers about the advantages of his work - he simply likes to learn what he likes, he just gets pleasure from it. Of course, not every one of us can find such a job, such a specialty that will enthrall us and motivate us, but those who are lucky enough will become masters of their business, their favorite business.

At work such a master will carry out the work of any complexity, they will search for him even in the middle of the night, because “no one else can solve this problem as Mark”. And he, carrying out his work receives satisfaction from it, because he is into it, he lives it. Superiors are trying to hold to him, improve his working conditions, increase his salary, send him to courses, give him bonuses, give him a company car, etc. He is worth it, he is needed for the company... in his environment.

But what about career growth? In any case, such an employee will reach the very top of the hierarchy in his specialty, and then? And then, if he does not have the proper management skills or coordination, it will be difficult for him, and he himself will want to return to his place, where he is comfortable and where he will not have to “order” anything. Versatility is what you need here.

Meanwhile, a narrow-focused specialist is someone who will carry out any given job qualitatively and even before the deadline.

Universal person

He knows a lot, tries to be in a trend, reads news on various topics and tries to succeed in everything. At work, he is not satisfied with just fulfilling the task assigned to him, he appeals to his superiors with his ideas, and seeks new ways of company developing. Such an employee wants not only to be a master of his business, but also to control, to link his various skills into a single whole. Superiors see him as a potential manager in a high position and want him to “mature” for it. There is a seminar on marketing, emotional intelligence or psychology - who wants to participate? Of course, our employee - universal person. He chooses what he is interested in and what will help him in the future, the scope of his interests exceeds his specialty.

Universal person may not be as literate as a narrowly focused specialist, but he is favorably distinguished by his charisma and eagerness for changes and development of himself. If the company starts releasing new products or services, he will look through the entire Internet inside and out to learn more about it. Understanding that it is necessary to enter the process and at the same time be informed and be outside the project helps him not only to do his usual work, but also to find original ideas and ways of further progress. Surely, he dreams about his business, in which, he will use all the skills and experience he has gained. But now he absorbs all this information into himself, so that he can implement his ideas independently. But if he takes over the company, believe me, he will do everything to make it better, will follow its every direction, whether it is financial issues, marketing or support of his employees. He understands that there are the same universal persons among them, to some extent gambling people, who, of course, will be useful for him.

Universal person is a multifaceted enthusiast, who needs space for his development.

How do you think, which of these two types is more necessary for the company?

  1. A universal employee, because he can learn and help in almost any matter
  2. A narrow-focused specialist who will always keep the highest level and will be most effective in his position
  3. Both are important, and you need to be able to properly keep the balance of such employees in the company
  4. I think this is not particularly important, since if a person is properly motivated, he can become anyone

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