WalMart’s success story. Always low prices

WalMart’s success story. Always low prices


Added 06.09.2018

In this column we will introduce you the success story of the world's largest retail chain WalMart. The creation of WalMart is a story of a stunning success that united more than a million employees by earning tens of billions. Due to the rational management of Sam Walton, WalMart has worldwide fame, attracting people with courtesy and smiling staff. At the moment company's manager is Robson Walton. Let's reveal the secret of success that haunts WalMart.

Robson Walton began to contribute his work to the family business as a six-year-old child. His first serious work was to save goods and things that were flooded with water as quickly as possible. From the very childhood Robson's father, Sam developed diligence in his son, eradicating such a notion as easy and quick profit. He taught him the ability to laugh at his mistakes and not take himself too seriously. Robson Sr. paid great attention to customers, which was expressed in a personal greeting. His staff never forgot about the smile and precision. He believed that a smile is a weapon that remains in your hearts forever. The goods and the seller in Sam's understanding were always on equal positions and were important levers in the sales industry.

In order to manage the WalMart supermarket empire, Sam was in a position to handle any situation. A well-formed information communication within the company also helped him in this. Having taught his son everything, he entrusted him with the work of the manager, and asked never to forget about the rules that hold the company together.

WalMart always predicts the expectations of its customers, gives them what they want, and a little more.

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