Limits of reasonable: is it boring?

Limits of reasonable: is it boring?


There is an opinion that “genius and insanity go hand in hand”.

The EIRC will discuss a little the works of art in which emotions seem to go beyond and overflow, reaching unreal power. And maybe these creations are just an expression of insanity, falsely taken for emotions?

A different perception of the world - another embodiment. Why is the emerging from the usual framework, embodied in paintings and films, is as considered genius?

We perceive the world differently than people who are not mentally healthy. And we are not quite able to understand: what exactly want to convey, those whose vision is distorted. Guided by misunderstanding, we are elevating something to the rank of genius. We criticize the things we understand and often even consider them primitive. It turns out that we acknowledge genius the fruit of someone's mental disorder. And the reflection of what someone sees as part of the reasonable causes us to be completely bored.

Note: depression is a companion of mental disorders. And coupled with this is a kind of “death” of positive emotions ...

Aren’t we deceived? After all, we strive to become emotionally competent. And at the same time experiencing positive emotions from works created in a state of deep depression?

Moving to the II stage…

What emotions help to achieve the best results?

What is the primary human need?

...It is necessary to work on the creation of positive relations.

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To fight prejudice, first you need to define them.

Consultation with a virtual doctor

...a diagnosis is made in a few minutes...

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Don’t you feel compassionate about yourself yet? is easier for a person to live in harmony with himself.

Should we change behavior patterns?

Smart people get bored easily.

Distracted by working or vice versa?

Chris Bailey will help us find a hint.