A new stage of DB Advisors!

A new stage of DB Advisors!


Dear users!

DB Advisors is entering a new stage of its development. Now, together with you we will make investments in various shares and precious metals.

Our investment policy will now be based on your answers to updated, special surveys. Now there will be fifteen daily questions, and they all will be connected with investments. Answering the question, you will have to take into account your personal opinion - how profitable will it be for you and for the company in general. Example of the question:

Which company, in your opinion, will bring large profit in the long-term perspective?

1.Apple (35 %)

2.Facebook (14 %)

3.Amazon (28 %)

4.Google (23 %)

Suppose 35% of users answered Apple, 14% answered Facebook, 28% answered Amazon, 23% answered Google. Basing on the received data from your answers, we will invest in these companies. That is, we will divide the total amount of funds and buy Apple shares for 35% of this amount, Facebook shares for 14% of this amount, etc.

Each user plays a significant role in decision making and project development.

How will user's earnings be calculated?

User’s earnings will depend on the number of his bonds. For example, if the total number of bonds is 1000, and a user has 50 bonds, then he will receive 5% of the investment profits.

Participate in daily surveys, invest in bonds and invest with us!

Payment and client base details

Considering your numerous questions about the order of payments, we bring to your attention the fact that payment is made systematically and starting with those who have less funds on their balance, at the same time the priority will be given to users, who have PayPal.

It is also worth noting that we form a client base in order to improve service quality. You will have to write your name, surname, country, specialty and your requisites:

  1. PayPal (skip if you do not have it)
  2. Your card number
  3. Bank details

Send your data to email: [email protected]

Note that because of the high commission fees we no longer work with Western Union bank.

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