Multicountry Cup starts soon

Multicountry Cup starts soon


Multicountry Cup tournament, with a prize fund of $350 starts on July, 9 on DB Advisors. 77 Advisors from 24 countries will compete for the title of the best ones in recognizing the majority opinion. Note that the winner of the tournament will receive – $150, 2nd place – $100, and 3rd and 4th places – $50.

Entering the tournaments page, you can see the group you are participating in and who your rivals are.

Remind that the tournament consists of 4 stages. The competition begins with a group stage, which is held in the championship format. All participants of the tournament are divided into 4 groups. Advisors, who took the first two places in their group, according to the results of the total rate pass to the next stage. Other stages of the tournament are held according to the playoff system, i.e. a winner from each pair passes to the next stage, and the defeated is eliminated from the tournament.

Tournament calendar:

1 stage – 09.07.2018

2 stage – 16.07.2018

3 stage – 23.07.2018

Final – 30.07.2018

The end of the tournament – 06.08.2018

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Opening of SEC (School of emotional competence)

Emotional competence is the result of high EQ.

New Average TOP-20

The increase of Prize Pool of the Average Ranking.

Payments for participants of Advisors Club and changes in tournaments

DB Advisors starts payments for the owners of the club card

Once again about updates

The owners of Club cards can enjoy its benefits before the expiration date of the card

Improved debates

Now the opponent will be selected automatically

Updates on the website!

New debates, club card and free surveys - the changes will come into force on June 11

Multicountry Cup tournament has started

Active and concentrated participation in daily surveys is the main guarantee of success.

Important! Development of Extra-Surveys

DB Advisors is constantly looking for new ways to develop and improve its products.