“It is impossible to find a soul mate”

“It is impossible to find a soul mate”


is from Uruguay, he lives in Paso de los Toros, Tacuarembó Department. He graduated from Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science Lyceum.

Mauro believes that his emotional intelligence is at the average level. This helps him to adjust his mind to think about the answers of others, which, in his opinion, is an important task. Last month he joined Advisors Club.

What helps you to make the right choice?

In some cases, knowledge of certain topics, and sometimes my reasoning.

What do people lack for happiness?

I think that happiness of each person depends on his own needs. For example, money, a united family, love, quiet life, etc.

How do you maintain your peace of mind?

I am a calm person and I can control my inner peace.

What were you able to learn by developing your emotional intelligence?

I’ve learned that thinking about what others think can give positive results.

Does humanity do the right thing by spending time and money to study the space, leaving oceans almost unexplored?

In my opinion, this is wrong. We should study the depths of our Earth well before starting to study the space outside our planet.

Which one is better: a quiet and slow village or a fast and loud city?

For me, small villages are better, but I admit that I really like the cities.

What should every person do?

Live and do what you like, devote your time to something that is dear to you.

How to make people of different cultures and religions understand each other better?

In my opinion, it is necessary to encounter similar circumstances or, putting your hand on your heart, to be more humane.

What things from the past do you miss?

I miss the big color TVs because it seems to me that their image quality was more clear. Today there are plasma TVs, but you have to watch them in a distance, and when you come closer, you can see pixels.

How to find your soul mate?

I believe that it is impossible to find it, because the soul of each person is unique. We can only find an externally similar person.

Do you have a clear distinction of the stages of your life, or is it better to "go with the flaw"?

Yes, in my opinion, everyone must go through certain stages of life, correct their mistakes, grow up and come face to face with life.

Would you like to become a famous person? If so, how would you like to become famous?

Fame does not particularly appeal to me, but I do not abolish it. You can become famous as a musician, entrepreneur, football player, etc.

What cultural activities do you like to visit?

Football matches and various events.

How to find your “Self” and to realize it correctly?

I believe that it is necessary to focus on what you want for yourself, to see what opportunities exist on this path and to move forward, achieving each of them.

To be successful – means …

In my imagination, each person has his own success, well, or it should be so, at least. Everyone should have their own goals and after achieving them everyone will be able feel successful.

What will help to be optimistic on a gray, rainy day?

Gray, rainy days are special. In such days we can think and do unusual things and this is the best option.

How should a person understand in which direction he needs to develop?

After several attempts on different paths, when you realize that there is some positive result, you need to make a decision and develop in this direction.

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