“I dream of going beyond”

“I dream of going beyond”

Author: Vanessa Eredia


Added 05.06.2018

comes from Uruguay, the city of Canelones. She studied to be a photographer and she is engaged in this professionally, in addition, she is an eco-builder.

It had not been a month since Vanessa joined DB Advisors and, having studied all the privileges of the club, she joined the Advisors Club.

How does emotional intelligence help you in your life?

I believe that this is a good tool for learning different cultures. Using common sense, I feel as a part of the majority opinion. I realize that I am a part of a large collective, not an individual person. Thus, emotional intelligence helps me in life when making decisions and socializing.

What would you like to change in yourself?

I accept myself the way I am and leave my life the task to determine whether I need to improve anything about me.

What is your dream?

To go beyond.

What would you advise to people who want to change their lives?

Concentrate, be balanced, lead a healthy lifestyle in all senses of the word.

How do your views of life change with increasing of emotional intelligence level?

The higher the emotional intelligence, the stronger the mental abilities. Our views change when everyday problems are solved.

What does multiculturalism mean for you?

For me, multiculturalism is a process of mutual acquisition of knowledge about each other in all respects by different cultures.

How to motivate yourself to achieve any goals?

To be constant, to go with the flow, work from day to day and say to yourself: "I can."

Our world is rapidly developing, what exactly would you like to see in future?

The use of clean energy, the manifestation of tolerance, respect and world peace.

Do you want to be alone sometimes?

We are never alone. I consider myself not an individual person, but a part of something more. Of course, I realized this by experiencing certain events.

How will our life change after the creation of a perfect AI? What advantages will it have, and what should we be afraid of?

It seems to me that it will not affect my life in any way because artificial intelligence is artificial, not human - it has no emotions. It will have advantages in precise mechanical fields, for example, it will be very useful for mass production of various objects. In addition, I believe that fear weakens, so instead of being afraid, it is better to learn to adapt to changes. In the end, it is best to learn from our mistakes.

Do you have extra money - where would you invest them or what would you spend them on?

I would invest in renewable energy and organic products. We must take care of our planet, otherwise our future will stay unclear.

How to select the necessary thing from the flow of criticism?

You need to be self-critical and balanced.

What will you never allow to your child?

Never? Nothing. It is necessary to educate children properly, and allow them to be themselves. In my opinion, the phrase "not to allow" summarizes everything. I do not want to say that you should allow children everything, but they rather should be allowed to express themselves.

What two words will characterize your life?

Live and learn.

What work is better - in the office or at home?

None of those things. I prefer to work in the open air, so I found a job that allows me to spend time outdoors.

How to wake up in a good mood and spend a fruitful day?

Thank life for what we have. Life would be better if we were more grateful. Usually only the one who has nothing, shows gratitude, when he receives something. Being grateful, we accept what we have and, without stopping on this, we get the opportunity to show our gratitude to something bigger.

Is it worth completely avoiding conflicts, and what do you do to eliminate them?

Every conflict that arises in our lives shows us what we need to work on. For me, conflicts are my reflection and I'm learning from them.

What is most important when meeting new people?

First and foremost, it is necessary to listen, observe, and never criticize anyone for appearance or for the manner of speech because this is not the most important thing. As a result, after some time we always get surprised.

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