Updates on the website!

Updates on the website!


Dear users!

Advisors Club card will be changed starting from June 5, now you can subscribe for one, three, six or twelve months.

In addition, the balance of all participants will be reset starting from June 11, except for subscribers of the new club card. (Owners of "old" club cards will be able to use them before the end of its validity period)

Changes will also affect the surveys - they will become free, but only owners of the Advisors Club subscription will be able to answer them. Last but not least important, we will also launch a new debate, where you can develop your emotional intelligence and earn money.

Summing up all the said above - free surveys, new debates, tournaments and other daily bonuses will be available for all subscribers from June 11.

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DB Advisors starts paying bonds dividends on September 21.

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We invest in the largest companies in the world, basing on your analysis and investment foresight.

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