“Finding your place in the world is a task for the whole life”

 “Finding your place in the world is a task for the whole life”

Author: Osly Campos


Added 30.05.2018

is 22, she comes from Venezuela and lives in Guanare, Portuguesa State. She is studying bio-analysis at University of Carabobo. Osly joined DB Advisors 333 days ago and she is one of the most active users of the website.

How do you evaluate your emotional intelligence level?

I have an average level that grows every day thanks to the website. EQ helps me to understand the people around me better, the motives of their actions, all that they feel and control their emotions better.

What helps you to make the right choice?

The right decisions are made when you are calm. You need to assess the pros and cons of the situation and never do it if you are upset or in a hurry.

What do people lack for happiness?

I believe that happiness is a strictly personal decision, therefore, in order to be happy, we need to decide to become one, regardless of the case or external factors - we ourselves decide to be happy or adjust to the events that are inevitable.

Does humanity do the right thing spending time and money to study the space, leaving the world ocean almost unexplored?

I do not know whether this is right, but I think we should not focus on one thing, but study everything that surrounds us. Scientists choose space, because there is an infinite number of opportunities to make new discoveries that open the door to our curiosity, despite the fact that there is an ocean full of life and undiscovered secrets. We think that the ocean is closer to us than the space and we can study it afterwards. We love the unknown, something that challenges us. Perhaps this motivates people who invest time and money in space exploration. It is interesting that the universe, which, apparently, is infinite can lead us to more, because the Earth is spherical and we do not know what other secrets the space hides from us.

Which one is better: a quiet and slow village or a fast and loud city?

It depends on what it is for, but I think both options. Cities, although they are noisy, have their charm - concerts, discos, movies, walks and visits to museums. The noise of the city attracts us and this is a wonderful adventure. But if you want to relax and lead a quiet life, then a quiet village is the best option.

What should everyone do?

Everyone must do what he likes, what inspires him and what he really wants. If we do what we love, we do it with passion, but not out of a sense of duty. It is important to do what we want to do. Stop following the masses and stereotypes.

How do people of different cultures and religions understand each other better?

They would be able to understand each other better if they stop judging others. After all, we are people and I think that respect, tolerance, equality and honesty between the parties is the best way of mutual understanding.

What things from the past do you miss?

I miss the gramophones, not because I had a gramophone, but because I loved them - magical artifacts.

How to find your soul mate?

First of all, to find a soul mate, we have to love ourselves, only then we can find love in another person.

Do you have a clear distinction of the stages of your life, or is it better to "go with the flaw"?

Definitely - to go with the flaw. Setting the date, dividing by the moments, for example, at this age should happen one thing, and in the other something else - it does not seem to me a good way to live, enjoy the casual nature of things. Enjoy the moment as much as possible: Carpe diem.

Would you like to become a famous person?

It's not that I like the idea of being famous, but if I wanted to become one, then thanks to the discoveries I've made, I would like to be like Maria Curie or work on inventions like Leonardo da Vinci did, or to become a writer.

What cultural activities do you like to visit?

Dances presentations and festivals.

How to find your “Self” and to realize it correctly?

Determine who you are and find your place in the world - a task that lasts a lifetime, an ongoing process, and an undefined goal that you have to achieve. We need to determine what we want to achieve in life, to go to it, challenging ourselves daily. But there is no right model or way to do this, it's just life and that’s all.

To be successful – means …

To be successful means to achieve your goals and enjoy the life, that you can share with your loved ones.

What will help to be optimistic on a gray, rainy day?

The sun always comes up after the storm and you should always enjoy every moment. The rain gives us an extraordinary sight, millions of drops fall from the clouds to the ground to enjoy the small details - that's the key.

How should a person understand in which direction he needs to develop?

The best way is to try. Try many spheres or specialties and find the one that suits your strengths best, and develop in this direction.

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