Emotional intelligence can save lives

Emotional intelligence can save lives



Among the questions of the daily survey, there was such a question, whom I consider to be a genius. Several options were suggested: Albert Hoffman, Tim Berners-Lee, Matt Groening, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawking. I thought that among all the options offered, the majority would choose Stephen Hawking. Why? Undoubtedly, the others are also great people for history, art, politics, science, etc. However, I was sure that the majority would choose him, because, in his early years, he became famous for his outstanding mental abilities in physics. In addition, despite the fact that at the age of 24 years he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, he kept fighting. He dedicated his life to the study and development of the black hole theory, known as the Hawking radiation. Having such a difficult diagnosis of motor neuron disease, he had to partly resort to the help of artificial and emotional intelligence for communication at important scientific conferences. Despite everything, emotional intelligence gave him the strength to fight the disease, that chained him to a wheelchair. Due to his enormous will, he was able to accept himself the way he is and to move on.

The personalities represented in other options are also outstanding, however, I chose this option for one single reason - he, undoubtedly, could feel what emotional intelligence is. Also, I would like people to know more about emotional intelligence, what my opinion is about it, and to share what I learn every day, being a part of DB Advisors. What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to understand, choose and control his own and other people's emotions to achieve positive results. It is believed that people who get angry easily have a bad emotional intelligence. Since I started to participate in DB Advisors, I gradually have come to better understand people, regardless of the economic situation, race and religion, because we can communicate even not knowing each other.

I learned that emotional intelligence can save lives. And now I understand that this is true, because it helps us to study other people and learn from them. Now I know how important it is to communicate with people and adapt to their personality and emotions. Emotional intelligence helps us listen, learn and evaluate situations. That's why I believe that today it helps me a lot and I still need to learn a lot to help other people. However, without getting acquainted with DB Advisors, I would not know anything about emotional intelligence and I am grateful that I am a part of this team!

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I love these type of questions that give us valuable random information and general knowledge about various topics.

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