“The world would be a little better, if we all were friendly”

“The world would be a little better, if we all were friendly”

Author: Nancy Machado


Added 16.05.2018

is from Uruguay, Tacuarembó Department. She has a bachelor degree in administration sphere. About a month after joining DB Advisors, Nancy became a member of the Advisors Club. She has an excellent performance in the national ranking, and she is sure that she must develop further to improve the results in the world ranking as well.

What positive qualities in yourself would you like to improve?

I would like to improve my communication skills. I believe that communication is one of my abilities, but I would like to expand my knowledge in order to be able to participate in conversations on various topics.

What helps you to move forward?

The desire to be a winner and become better in everything I do. Thoughts about my daughter help me in this too.

How do you cope with depression or stress?

I try to be positive and solve problems gradually, even if I have to make efforts. The smile of my daughter, that I see every evening, when I come home, gives me strength.

Why is it important to understand people and their desires?

This is important in order to have good relationships, and in the case of surveys, in order to achieve better results.

Would you like to leave in the forest thicket for a year and live there alone in complete silence and peace?

I like forests, but I would not go there alone. But I would go to any part of the world with my family. I am well adapted to different situations.

Which element is closer to you: fire, water, earth or air?

Air is the purest of the elements and it is pleasant to enjoy it, and it is also one of the basic elements for everything that exists.

Would you be able to change your profession because you wanted new experiences?

I do not like what I do. Sometimes I want to go to some farm, but I do not know what I would do there without everything I usually do.

Is it easy for you to get in touch with new people? What would you advise for the development of friendly relationships?

Yes, very easy. I like to communicate very much and I believe that there is always a topic for conversation. Today it is hard to find friendliness, but for me it is something very simple and easy. The world would be a little better, if we all were friendly.

What kind of sport do you think helps to keep yourself in a good form?

I like Padel-tennis. In my opinion, it is a very good sport, although any kind of sport is useful for health and keeping in shape.

What do you lack right now?

I do not have enough money to solve economic problems, and I also miss my father, who passed away.

Do you think it's worth to move to a distant country for the sake of possible fulfillment of your wishes?

Of course, it is worth that, if this is to develop, to become better and to get a new experience. We have many restrictions in Uruguay. I think that in my case it would be wonderful.

In your life You should never …

To be ungrateful, rude and selfish.

How to understand the majority opinion better and how to implement this knowledge?

You should listen to people, analyze answers and apply this knowledge in life.

What to do if “nothing is coming out right”?

Take matters into our own hands, try another way, if the previous one did not work out, in other words, surpass yourself.

What you should never regret about?

About the decisions made, whether they are good or bad. We always make mistakes, but we also learn a lot from them.

How to learn critical thinking?

Realizing that everything is not perfect, that there are things different from our thinking. We must be self-critical to have a clear mind.

Is it right to be an avid optimist, or do you sometimes need to "go down to earth"?

If you are an optimist, it does not mean that your thoughts will lead you to where you want. Everything requires efforts, simply optimism is not enough to achieve your goal. Optimism must be supported by efforts.

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