Important! Development of Extra-Surveys

Important! Development of Extra-Surveys


Dear users!

DB Advisors is constantly looking for new ways to develop and improve its products. For this purpose, starting from 12.05.2018 Extra-surveys will temporarily not be available. We are actively working on improving of this product and in the nearest future you will be able to evaluate the work we have done.

Best regards, DB Advisors team!

Artificial intelligence - fashionable term or a lever of the science of the future?

Artificial Intelligence will expand our knowledge about the world and Universe

"Emotional" news.

Team efficiency and relationships.

Extreme productivity”: how to achieve it

Emotions: meaning from clinical point of view.

…disturbing emotions are harmful, very harmful.

Let’s put emotions in investments

Aren’t the best investment assistants those who are a kind of seer?

Limits of reasonable: is it boring?

A different perception of the world - another embodiment.

A good business plan is a rational investment

A business plan that contains the right answers and questions is a powerful tool.

A new stage of DB Advisors!

Now, together with you we will make investments in various shares and precious metals.