Winners list of the Country Cup for April

Winners list of the Country Cup for April


The next winners of the Country Cup tournament on DB Advisors are determined.

In April, competitions on recognizing the opinions of others were held in 27 countries, and the total prize fund was $5400.

The most interesting were the finals in Algeria, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Pakistan. For example, , finishing the group stage at the second place, was ahead of his rivals within a month for just a few hundredths of the rates, but eventually he became the winner of the tournament. In contrast, it was relatively easy for to win in the tournament. After a week's participation in the survey, the difference in the rates between him and , his opponent in the final of Romania Cup, was above 5. The Kenyan , the permanent author of our articles, can also boast such a bright victory.

Remind that this month there was one winning place with a prize fund of $200 in the Country Cup tournament. Full list of winners is presented below:

DB Advisors_Country Cup_Results for April (1)-001

The next Country Cup starts on May 28. You can find more details about this and other changes in the tournaments format in this article.

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