“Do not rely on someone”

“Do not rely on someone”


Today Tamar Midelashvili from Georgia celebrates the 800th day of her career at DB Advisors. She was one of the first to join the Advisors Club and there was not a day that 37-year-old Tamar did not share her opinion.

Have you ever cried from happiness?
Yes, I did, when my baby was born, it's a great happiness to become a mother.
In your opinion, what should everyone do at least once in their lives?
To do something that no one expects from you.
What could you teach people?
Restrain yourself in order to not to do stupid things and then regret about it.
What would you like to learn yourself?
It’s been always difficult for me not to recall the past, what would I do to correct mistakes I made, I want to teach myself not to think about it, I must accept everything the way it is.
When people come to you for help, what do they usually ask for?
Money of course. Well,


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“It is impossible to find a soul mate”

Everyone should have their own goals and after achieving them everyone will be able feel successful.

“I dream of going beyond”

Life would be better if we were more grateful.

 “Finding your place in the world is a task for the whole life”

İn order to be happy, we need to decide to become one.

“The world would be a little better, if we all were friendly”

Optimism must be supported by efforts.

“Creativity is an integral part of my recipes”

On birthdays weddings and other celebrations, I became a famous baker.

“Life is too short and beautiful to not to enjoy it and live it in a simple way…”

It doesn't matter what you like, just do whatever it takes to make you feel alive.

“You do not have to suppress your emotions”

For me victory is an invaluable experience that inspires, motivates to achieve the following goals.

“Everyone should find the right way to be happy”

I always try to do what my heart and mind tell me.