“You do not have to suppress your emotions”

“You do not have to suppress your emotions”


was born on the shore of the beautiful Issyk-Kul lake, she lives in Bishkek. The 27-year-old Advisor is an accountant by profession and kind of activity. Meeting with friends and relatives, doing sports, searching knowledge, following her principles, values, obedience to the Almighty - all this is about her.

Why did you choose the profession of an accountant?

I came to the profession of an accountant not by myself, but on the recommendation of my sister, who, by the way, is also an accountant. At the time of choosing my brainchild, I was not particularly aware of what was profitable for me, but there were not any bright talents as such, just a little bit of everything. I do not regret that I listened to her. Today I do this for a living. Accounting, analysis of activities, making profits, calculating taxes, wages, vacation pay ... and many interesting things you face at work. It is very exciting, informative, useful. I feel the confidence, stability in the future.

What does victory mean to you? What emotions did you have during the tournament, and which ones - after learning the results?

For me victory is an invaluable experience that inspires, motivates to achieve the following goals. At the DB Advisors platform there are ups, downs, wins, defeats as well as in real life. The taste of victory is as sweet for you as, for example, when you achieved a promotion at work ... I was going to this victory the whole month, I made mistakes, I was in a state of confusion, I did not understand, I was looking for the answers, I was charging with energy and was moving on. I was patient. I tried to keep the mood. I believe that the main thing is not to lose interest in the website and generally in what gives you pleasure. Involvement in anything, understanding that this is something that brings benefits, the desire to stand out with high results are powerful engines.

How important is public opinion for you?

“What will people say?” In our country there is even a sketch program on this topic “El emne deyt?”. Probably, the majority of people ask this question. By contacting a certain circle of people, anyone cannot ignore their opinion of you, your choice, your activity, your behavior, and this is a natural social need. But do not forget that you will not please everyone. Therefore, for me, public opinion is a relative concept. I try to be flexible in this regard.

What emotions should be hidden while working with colleagues?

1/3 part of a day we are at work, this is quite a long period of time. And there are different situations. I believe that you should not suppress your emotions. But, of course, many people cannot behave as relaxed as at home or in the circle of friends. This is normal, because there is a certain etiquette, subordination. And that's why we restrain ourselves in some ways.

What does disagreement with your beloved mean to you?

Dispute, disagreement, misunderstanding ... are quite unpleasant moments in life, especially if it concerns a loved one. From time to time they make themselves felt. In such cases I try to avoid difficult moments. And to make concessions, ask for forgiveness or forgive if it is necessary.

In what situation was it difficult for you to control yourself?

I am a very calm and balanced person. But there are different moments in life when you can lose your temper. I just cannot remember such a situation.

What news will please you when you are in a bad mood?

Spontaneous meeting with friends. Good movie.

What is more important for you - quantity or quality?

Clearly, quality comes first. Quality is always relevant. The result of quality is development, recognition, authority. I wish everyone did their job qualitatively.

Do you often rely on your intuition when making an important decision?

Before making a decision, I rely more on the facts. I check everything, compare, weigh, and only then make a decision. I rely on intuition very rarely. Probably, because it is poorly developed. Unfortunately, even in DB Advisors questions I seldom listen to it. And then after viewing the results I blame myself that I did not listen to my instinct.

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