“Everyone should find the right way to be happy”

“Everyone should find the right way to be happy”


comes from Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. She teaches painting, therefore, as a creative person, it is very important for her to understand people around her, their thoughts and desires, to help them to express themselves in their work. Varenka has been using the opportunities of our platform for about four months and believes that it has a fairly good level of EQ.

What helps you to make the right choice?

I always try to do what my heart and mind tell me.

What do people lack for happiness?

I believe that people mainly need a good economic situation to never feel the need. It helps you to achieve happiness. It is also necessary to stop the war.

How do you maintain your peace of mind?

I stay alone with myself and calmly think about the solutions of my problems.

What were you able to learn by developing your emotional intelligence?

Every day I am convinced that there are many good people in the world who express their thoughts. This helps to understand that the majority thinks like us, and that we are not mistaken in our thinking.

Does humanity do the right thing by spending time and money to study the space, leaving oceans almost unexplored?

This is wrong because the ocean is an interesting underwater world, and I believe that it still has a lot of unexplored and interesting.

Which one is better: a quiet and slow village or a fast and loud city?

In my opinion, none of these. There must be something in between, because at certain moments we need peace and quiet, and at other times we need the opportunities that cities give us.

What should every person do?

Find the right way to be happy without harming other people.

How to make people of different cultures and religions understand each other better?

It should always be remembered that everyone has their own traditions, and we shouldn’t condemn them for this. Also, people have the right to believe in what they want - it's their choice. We are all different, and everyone can and should be free in their traditions and beliefs.

What things do you miss?

My childhood. Because I needed almost nothing to be happy.

How to find your soul mate?

You shouldn’t look for it. I'm one of those who believe that it comes at the right time.

Do you have a clear distinction of the stages of your life, or is it better to "go with the flaw"?

Yes, I have, and the best of these stages was my childhood. And from adulthood - the birth of my son.

Would you like to become a famous person?

No. I just would like to have some money to solve some problems.

What cultural activities do you like to visit?

Theater, agriculture exhibitions and some national holidays.

How to find your “Self” and to realize it correctly?

I think we never manage to find our "Self", because we do not always do it right.

To be successful – means …

Achieve the goal.

What will help to be optimistic on a gray, rainy day?

Thoughts about my son and granddaughter, whom I have not seen personally because of a lack of economic resources - she lives in Mexico.

How should a person understand in which direction he needs to develop?

First you just need to try. This is especially important in adolescence, because at this time we want different things and we need to find what really appeals to us. We need to determine what is best for our opportunities in the future, to which our brain is more capable. It is not always intelligence that helps us to be what we plan to be.

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