Will you be able to you find the “Golden Mean”? (UPDATED)

Will you be able to you find the “Golden Mean”? (UPDATED)


According to the results of the survey on April 9, 25 Advisors who are members of Advisors Club received their bonuses for entering the top-200 of the Average Ranking.
Congratulations to all users who were able to get as close as possible to the average.
So, in the survey for April 11, we suggest our participants to try to score an average rate again.

Prize fund of the Average Ranking:











11-25- th


26-50- th


51-100- th


101-200- th


Will you be able to find the “Golden mean”?

Dear Advisors!
Recently we have launched the Average ranking, showing the Advisors who found the “Golden Mean”.
Please note that only Advisors, who ente


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