Panoramic future of DB Advisors

Panoramic future of DB Advisors



If all Advisors were to give their expectations of the future of DB, the responses would undoubtedly be amazing. Nevertheless, one thing would be common, optimism.

DB Advisors celebrated its second birthday last year on October, 1st. Interesting, how the project has shown tremendous development within such a short period.

DB Advisors started small in Azerbaijan with handful participants from home country and neighboring countries like Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. Much more interesting is that in a short period the website has significantly expanded its boundaries and now there are users from all over the world.

DB has always been dynamic company pursuing its major goal - enhancing EQ in the society and recognizing the majority opinion. Major developments have been witnessed in products and services of DB - debates and various tournaments which boost competitiveness, introduction of prestigious virtual “Advisors Club” and bonds of company for enthusiasts, Articles writing, Extra-Survey etc.

Despite the unpredictability of changes on DB Advisors, I can bet for sure that within 2-3 years from now DB Advisors will never be the same. I'm dreaming of DB Advisors par excellence. About the time when DB will be the talk of town, when you will use your credit card with comfort to withdraw your proceeds, when big companies will be fighting to advertise the website, when various states will be pleading to invest in the company for benefit of their citizens!

Use every opportunity provided by the platform. You cannot afford to miss the future of DB Advisors. Stay focused, stay tuned in the project. Let's all meet in this future!

Embrace and encourage. Nedim Katica

I love these type of questions that give us valuable random information and general knowledge about various topics.

Sell your idea. Arsenie Vuchkov

It's just all about the point of view.

Forgiveness may be the greatest power. Tania Ivanova

Inaction is what brings much more damage than the too many things to choose from.

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Better doesn’t mean something is better for everyone.

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The meaning, the meaning, it’s all about the meaning.

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Take it easy’ is the right thing to say.

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Brother and sister relationship though looks like Tom and Jerry fight, they actually have each other’s back when required.

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Advisors often choose more common options, but I still prefer to consider everything and choose the most suitable one.