Multifocal Intelligence

Multifocal Intelligence

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This article is the result of introspection analysis and depth, using learning tools obtained from my membership as a participant of DB Advisors, as a human being interested in life and aware of the importance of evolution at all levels, as a reader and follower of Dr. Cury teachings, whose book stayed in my heart and mind, the book "The Master of the Masters, Jesus - The Greatest Educator of History".

About the author:

Dr. Augusto Cury, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, scientist and writer. He developed the concept of multifocal intelligence, an innovative perspective on the workings of the mind and the construction of thought. Researcher in the area of ​​quality of life and the development of intelligence, addressing to nature, the construction and the dynamic of emotion and thoughts.

This book is relying on the approach of a man, whose birth celebrates the whole world. About Christ. But most people do not have the idea how intriguing and sophisticated personality he was. He considered to be the Master of the Masters of the School of Life. A school in which many psychiatrists, intellectuals and scientists are small apprentices...

In his studying about the intelligence of Christ, he rescues a debt of psychology which is an analysis of a research to reveal the characteristics of the personality of the one who divided the history of Humanity.

So, analyzing the frequently asked questions, reading articles, and all the products that are in disposition for the members of DB Advisors, make me think, how would he, Jesus, manage his emotions?

Analyzing the evolution of the information of Christ in the light of the human sciences, thinking about him, like about a simple man with low human resources in the light of the human sciences (Theologians, Neurosurgeons, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, etc.), under a revolutionary lens, make us reflect on ourselves, people, life and OUR LIFE!

Final notes:

"There is a world that can be discovered behind the scenes of the human mind, a rich, sophisticated and interesting world, a world that exists beyond the mass cultivation, consumerism, dollar quotation, technology, fashion, stereotype of aesthetics. Searching of all these things in this world is an indescribable adventure.

The most interesting journey that the human being can undertake, is not when we travel in space or surf the internet. No! The most interesting trip is the one that we undertake when we internalize ourselves, when we walk the avenues of our own souls and seek the origins of our intelligence and the performing phenomena. This is a spectacle of the thoughts construction and the "factory of emotions", expansion of the world ideas about a human mind, a construction of thoughts and formation of thinkers."

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