Multifocal Intelligence

Multifocal Intelligence


By: Adilson Gomes
This article is the result of introspection analysis and depth, using learning tools obtained from my membership as a participant of DB Advisors, as a human being interested in life and aware of the importance of evolution at all levels, as a reader and follower of Dr. Cury teachings, whose book stayed in my heart and mind, the book "The Master of the Masters, Jesus - The Greatest Educator of History".
About the author:
Dr. Augusto Cury, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, scientist and writer. He developed the concept of multifocal intelligence, an innovative perspective on the workings of the mind and the construction of thought. Researcher in the area of ​​quality of life and the development of intelligence, addressing to nature, the construction and the dynamic of emotion and thoughts.
This book is relying on the approach of a man, whose birth celebrates the who


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