Striking balance: EQ and IQ

Striking balance: EQ and IQ



Arguably, emotional intelligence enhances success in life while general intelligence enhances success in school. Certainly, both of them are necessary and useful in life. We all went to school and none of us would have wished to fail in life.

Therefore, it is important to strike balance between EQ and IQ usability. DB Advisors strives in its main objective to enhance emotional intelligence through recognizing majority opinion for its members in order to improve social relationships and life (career) success.

EQ assists individual to identify, evaluate, control and express his or her emotions. In addition, it assists an individual to perceive, assess and understand other people's emotions for better relations. On the other hand, IQ assists in learning, understanding and applying information and skills in logical and spatial thinking for better problem solving in difficult situations. Additionally, one is able to analyze, connect the dots and draw conclusions from different life situations.

Therefore, EQ is a better indicator of success in workplace and is used to identify team leaders, team players, people who work best by themselves and with people around them. Conversely, IQ assists in cognitive thinking and reasoning, which is a requirement for any leader in solving problems, especially abstract ones.

In conclusion, it's important to note that nobody can alter his/her intelligence or reasoning (IQ), but everyone can learn to handle emotions better (EQ).

Emotional intelligence can save lives

I have come to better understand people, regardless of economic situation, race and religion.

The joy of victory

DB is full of new tests, and everyone, whether a rookie or a veteran strive to win in tournaments.

Find a child in yourself

Don’t be afraid to feel bright emotions, give yourself up to joyful feelings.

Empathy as part of emotional intelligence

Empathy is an existent feeling in the individual, just try to give it a chance to act.

Unlimited benefits and opportunities in DB Advisors

Enjoy your unlimited benefits and opportunities in DB.

Panoramic future of DB Advisors

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Multifocal Intelligence

There is a world that can be discovered behind the scenes of the human mind, a rich, sophisticated and interesting world

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