A special approach to surveys

A special approach to surveys



DB Advisors provides its participants with an invaluable opportunity to enhance emotional intelligence, which allows them to recognize the majority opinion better and improve the level of interpersonal relationships. Of course, such skills are not simply useful, they will be very useful in the life of any person, regardless of his life style, profession and position in society.

But how to accelerate the process of knowledge obtaining and achieve success on the website, becoming one of the leaders of the Marathon of Advisors? There are many ways which are various training packages provided by the company, leaders’ tips, analysis of survey results and much more. All options are important and useful in their own way. I propose to use one more aspect when choosing answers in the surveys.

The majority is more than half of the total number of any group. In our case, these are survey participants on the DB Advisors website. But who are they and who is more: men or women, from which countries and continents is the main "public"? Everything is important, but I propose to pay attention to the number of Advisors responding on different days of the week.

On weekends, the number of participants in the survey reaches almost 3000. From Monday to Tuesday, activity drops to about 1700, the next day is the same, but from Wednesday to Thursday about 1,400 respondents.

We can conclude that participants who participate only on weekends do not take surveys seriously, taking this activity as entertainment and simply "click" the random answer, not understanding the question and not even understanding its essence. This significantly increases the degree of randomness of answers. On weekdays the percentage of conscientious participants sharply increases and the results of interviews become much more qualitative and logical. No need to mention extra-surveys, in which participate an average of 60 leaders. From the above, we can summarize that for each day you need your own special approach to surveys.

Think globally, act locally. Elizabeta Miljkovic

Nothing stays there for too long – things are changing fast.

This too shall pass. Nedim Katica

It will make the rich richer, while making the non-rich poorer.

You bet it! Tania Ivanova

...the goal is not always justified by the means.

Mastermind behind the logo. Shravani Kotapaty

Anything gone beyond the limit is always dangerous.

Listen to impress? Tania Ivanova

The presence of a reaction is what makes an impression on someone, no matter whether it is a positive or a negative one.

Survey as a way to see the changes

"Students are mistakenly viewed as some kind of modern slaves"

Nothing but deceitful selfies. Elizabeta Miljkovic

Nowadays, all that matters is to get more readers as possible...

Wild guess. Tania Ivanova

...maybe this is just a protesting vote against a really “smart” question.