How to work with zero defects

How to work with zero defects

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Defect is a lack, an imperfection, a degree of excellence of a particular thing, a characteristic and attribute of something or someone. It is measured by standard which is something used as a measure, a quality, an achievement that is desirable or acceptable. It is also used as a determinant on how something should be. A professional should always learn to perform with zero defects.

Zero defects

It is a way of thinking. It’s a standard, a measure through which any system can be analysed.

Why should we get things right at the first time?

Quality is a constant desire of everyone. It is a standard that will determine the measure of your fitness. We must be sure of everything that we do. Mind management is aligning your mind and thinking the right thoughts, thoughts that are positive, full of love. It can be monitored by always reviewing your actions. If you cannot review your actions, you cannot get better. The result of your actions must justify the means, as the saying goes “the end must justify the means”.

Do not settle for mediocrity, but condition your mind for excellence. Recognize the high cost of failure and make up your mind not to fail. Always strive to be better, because your personality is the content and working of your mind and it can be hindered by strongholds.

What are strongholds?

Strongholds are walls of containment that prevent you from advancing in life.

How do you deal with Strongholds?

Keep talking positive, stop looking at failures. Look at who you are and what you are capable of. Make up your mind not to dwell consistently in the failures of the past.

With all of these points, we will surely live as better human beings with great personality and professionals at what we do.

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