Question’s analysis on Artificial Intelligence

Question’s analysis on Artificial Intelligence



How to increase your chances to win in the battle for information security? I would like to share my thoughts and conclusions on one of the past questions.

So, the question was: what can survive in the era of artificial intelligence? Recently, more attention has been paid to this question. We were offered 5 options of answers. The "yogurt" answer was immediately eliminated by me, since, in my opinion, it is not connected with the subject of the question at all. Next, the "new oil" answer: what is it? And what do they eat it with? And even more arising questions sent this answer to the furnace. The answer "data about past sales" also did not fit, because this is not something that is primarily important. 2 answers are left ("our data" and "forecasting mechanism") of which I tried to choose the most correct, and as a matter of fact, I succeeded. The majority chose the answer "our data". This is the most logical and reasonable answer, since the AI ​​is directly related to our data, and accordingly they will survive.

In this regard, I thought about the fact that personal information on the Internet is a conditional concept. Large websites duplicate their databases. Therefore, everything that we place in cyberspace is never completely destroyed. We have to put up with the fact that this information does not go anywhere and there is always a duplicate somewhere. It is simply naive to think differently. Without taking precautionary measures, you can easily get into trouble.

Imagine that you have a large amount of money in cash. Will you keep them in sight when you go with friends on a crowded street? Of course not! That would be stupid. It seems that you are asking to be robbed! A man of prudence will hide money so that they cannot be seen. Now imagine that your personal information is your money. Think about the data that you do not want to open to the first person you meet. For example: your home address or the time when there is no one at home, etc.

Here are some tips to take precautions and protect yourself from theft and fraud while using computer:

▪ use antivirus software;

▪ use tools that block the work of spyware;

▪ install a firewall;

▪ install an update for these and other programs regularly, as well as for the operating system;

▪ be attentive to the links and attachments received by e-mail from unfamiliar senders, especially if they require personal information about you, for example, confirmation of your password;

▪ transferring confidential information, for example, credit card information, to use encrypted connections, and after completing work, make "Exit" from the website;

▪ use passwords that are difficult to pick and take care of their safety;

▪ do not copy or launch programs from unknown sources;

▪ make backup copies of files regularly and store them in a different safe place.

You will act wisely, if you take precautions while using Internet.

Think globally, act locally. Elizabeta Miljkovic

Nothing stays there for too long – things are changing fast.

This too shall pass. Nedim Katica

It will make the rich richer, while making the non-rich poorer.

You bet it! Tania Ivanova

...the goal is not always justified by the means.

Mastermind behind the logo. Shravani Kotapaty

Anything gone beyond the limit is always dangerous.

Listen to impress? Tania Ivanova

The presence of a reaction is what makes an impression on someone, no matter whether it is a positive or a negative one.

Survey as a way to see the changes

"Students are mistakenly viewed as some kind of modern slaves"

Nothing but deceitful selfies. Elizabeta Miljkovic

Nowadays, all that matters is to get more readers as possible...

Wild guess. Tania Ivanova

...maybe this is just a protesting vote against a really “smart” question.