Question’s analysis on Artificial Intelligence

Question’s analysis on Artificial Intelligence


By: Anna Vicolova

How to increase your chances to win in the battle for information security? I would like to share my thoughts and conclusions on one of the past questions.
So, the question was: what can survive in the era of artificial intelligence? Recently, more attention has been paid to this question. We were offered 5 options of answers. The "yogurt" answer was immediately eliminated by me, since, in my opinion, it is not connected with the subject of the question at all. Next, the "new oil" answer: what is it? And what do they eat it with? And even more arising questions sent this answer to the furnace. The answer "data about past sales" also did not fit, because this is not something that is primarily important. 2 answers are left ("our data" and "forecasting mechanism") of which I tried to choose the most correct, and as a matter of fact, I succeeded. The majorit


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