The secret of happiness from Marin

The secret of happiness from Marin

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was born in Moldova, however he lived in Portugal for 13 years and it is already 3 years since he lives in Czech Republic. Our 27-year-old Advisor is fluent in four languages - Romanian, English, Spanish and Portuguese. He is working in Airline Business for Air France and KLM with different languages as a customer support representative in Prague. Also, Marin is an amateur football player in a small club. He worked in such music industry like A&R for a trance music label. He is passionate about football, tennis and trance music. Currently he is investing a lot of time in learning new ways of online digital marketing and passive income. Marin loves nature, recycling and helping people. He also has experience as a PR since he was working with some PR websites in the music industry. DB Advisors is a new challenge for him, and he is struggling every day to become better and better.

What helps you feel like you are in the right place?

It is not easy to find it and to recognize when we are in the right place. However, the job, family, friends and a place, where you can work on your dreams, have a vital role to determine, if you are in the right place.

The more languages ​​we know, the more...

Possibilities we have to interact with different cultures and nationalities.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Playing piano.

What do you like most about your job?

International and friendly environment.

What are the most difficult emotions for you to hide?

Sadness. Because this emotion can lead to every other emotion, which due to sensibility I cannot hide.

Have you ever had moments when you tried to do something but you could not?

Yes, I have tried to spend less time online and to focus more on my personal life and enjoy nature. But internet is too addictive. You do everything on the Internet nowadays and you forget that you must live.

Is it easy for you to explain your feelings to another person?

It is not easy. Even if the person is really close to you, sometimes there are things that make sense only for you. And that’s why sometimes it is better to keep those feelings for yourself, and to try to accept the situation like it is.

Which emotion is the best motivator?

Trust. When you trust someone, you know that you are dealing with someone, who will not disappoint you. This will make you stronger to succeed.

Please describe the thing that makes you happy.

Peace. To be productive and fight for my dreams it is essential for me to find peace in everything.

DB Advisors Analytical Center

A Big Database. About DB Advisors

So in future I see a successful office with EI reporters all over the world.

Why are we humans?

I don't want to challenge the Nature's Beauty.

The Immortality of The Soul

I think money doesn't matter, happiness does.

I'm very happy the way I am

I simply can understand a person’s emotions without having them tell me.

Endless number of wishes

Enemy unlike a hater is someone that wishes for you to disappear.

Fly and be invisible

I had a chance to visit Rwanda once, and I enjoyed it very much.

Love rules the world? Absolutely!

Every living creature on this planet deserves to be loved and have a home!

A Lucky Touch. Filipa Brzohalski

I'm not perfect, but I am perfect for my loved one and he is for me.