“We should put our soul in what we are doing”

“We should put our soul in what we are doing”

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is 42 years old. He was born on the island of San Vicente in the Republic of Cape Verde. He is single and he is a father of 2 boys. At the moment, Adilson lives in Lisbon, and he works as a self-employee. He is managing and cooking in a bar/restaurant in the center of Lisbon. Our Advisor from Portugal joined the Advisors Club in January and now, being a member of the club, enjoys all the privileges.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, mostly, I'm doing my best to be with my family to do together the things that we usually cannot do due to my work, that I mostly have at night and on weekends. Sport, painting and cooking are my hobbies, that I also try to find time to.

Mindelu - what can you tell about this city? What memories do you associate with it?

Mindelu is my hometown, a beautiful small town on the island of San Vicente, with a lot to give! City of “Morabeza”, a word that exists only in the Creole language of Cape Verde, which means a city of warm welcome, with open heart! Mindelu is associated with all my childhood memories. All who I am at the moment is coming from there, and I hope return there in some years.

Could you tell us about your career as a restaurateur? Why did you decide to do namely these business?

This is kind of strange, because when I started the career of a restaurateur, I was working in the optical area. My friend offered me a partnership in the restaurant area. I accepted his offer. Cooking was also and is still one of my passions. I'm glad because I want to invest more in this sphere and I dream to do it in Cape Verde as well. At the moment I'm still learning a lot and preparing to implement my ideas.

What difficulties do you face most of all while managing a restaurant in the center of Lisbon?

The restaurant I manage is a typical Caboverdian restaurant with typical food and live music from Cape Verde, directed more for the big community of caboverdians in Lisbon. We struggle more to cope with the competition in prices, to get a license for live music at night and gain an understanding of the local police authorities.

Share your secret. What is it necessary to do to make people visit your restaurant again and again?

I believe, both in life and in business, we should be aware of everything, be ready and open to everything new. But, first of all, we should put our soul in what we are doing, give and treat others like we would like to be treated!

How much does your experience in DB help you at your work? (Recognizing the tastes and preferences of the majority). Is this more intuitive, or do you use logic?

I am in DB since November, 2017 and I can see how good was to sign up on this website. This a very interesting idea to share our opinions and earn due to them, thus improving our EQ. I am learning a lot with the good tips of some articles. As for me this is logic and intuition do their best to helps us to work well and to achieve a good balance. And that’s all thanks to you!


Is the stress level that is associated with your work and your lifestyle high, how do you control it? How do you relax?

Yes, my stress level a little high, but I try to balance it, I'm learning to control my time and emotions. I feel that doing sports, which I really love, is what really helps me in this. It helps me to get rid of stress. My family and my real friends also help me release the stress of life.

How do you find time for other hobbies? What makes you happy outside of your work?

Time is something that we all struggle with, so I'm trying my best to manage my time so I'm mostly engaged in something that makes me happy, which makes me feel alive and healthy. My family and sport are the things that make me happy and the things that I try preserve with all my strength.

You practice martial arts ... Jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga - why exactly these kinds of art?

That’s because of my childhood. My big family of one sister and five brothers was a good influence. We all grow up playing games of fights in the ground and close contact. But I also believe that our body is connected with our emotions. To protect ourselves and to be aware and to help our emotions, self-esteem and confidence as well, we should learn and improve this technique.

One of the main aspects in martial arts is to feel the opponent. How much does this skill help you in your daily life and work?

Feel the opponent, touch and respect the opponent – all these things tremendously help in my life. It helps me in cultivating my self-esteem, confidence, and in loving and respecting others. I am glad that I can see the signal of that in my daily life and work, and I try to transfer these skills to my two sons.

Journey that you remembered most.

When I was 14 years old, my older sister that lived in Holland, paid me a ticked to visit her in Rotterdam. It was the first time I left my island. In that time leaving my country and to go to Europe was a dream for me! And it was a very important moment in my life.

If you had the opportunity to start everything over, what would you change in the past?

My decision about my professional career that I made when I was 19 years old.

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