How to look deeper into words, images, gestures and expressions

How to look deeper into words, images, gestures and expressions


By: Oscar Campos

Many people have the gift of “reading” other people, see people through and people are consistent with what they see in them; this is the subject of this article - how to learn to see what most people think, what the majority feels, what can cause sympathy. How to predict the answers of the majority, understand certain gestures or expressions, to know what they can lead to, to read phrases or associate words.
In fact, every time we interact with something or someone, we should predict most of the things that are happening and will happen, or what causes or reflects this interaction.
The key to this is to use information and experience, it is necessary to find out what is happening, and then rely on your own reasoning and emotions, in order to calculate the situation correctly.
The art of predicting the things that happen in the minds of other


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