Fighting doubts

Fighting doubts



Doubts are predicament that every person faces. In everyday life, we face with doubts, especially when choosing alternatives. This emanates from the fact that we have the freedom of choice, but not the freedom to choose the consequences. Unfortunate? Indeed. Moreover, this is the reason why we are reluctant to make the choice, we never hustle to do it and, as a result, everything ends up in untold miseries.

Similarly, in DB project, most of us face with doubts, when choosing answers. These doubts are not as the result of untold miseries as in real life, but the attempt to prove EQ ability to recognize majority opinion.

So how do we have to deal with doubts? I set to react on this question basing on DB survey questions on how to recognize the majority opinion.

  1. Mostly use your intuition (first answers)

This has always been proven to be the most effective tool in answering to DB survey questions. Practice shows that the search for facts and information on the Internet is useless in choosing the majority opinions. A perfect example is question of February, 7. Intuition led me to choose the option “Mitsubishi” - a well-established company. But my opinion changed in favor of the option “Mazda” only after I googled that “Mazda” had increased its sales in 2017, while the sales of “Mitsubishi” declined. As a result, I was disappointed.

  1. Always try to be positive

Negative answers will mostly be the reasonable answers, but they will never be the majority opinions in DB.

  1. Be sympathetic and tolerant

Being sympathetic about situations and people in survey questions, will always make you earn points in DB. You should remember, the project is trying to build a cohesive society, hence emotional intelligence. So being cold-hearted and intolerant, will always disappoint you.

  1. Be always ready to expect surprises from Advisors

This implies that answers are not necessarily to be reasonable, logical or factual ones. Give a chance to opinions, in fact, this is the basis of DB platform. We’re neither doing aptitude nor we are in the classroom.

  1. Don’t be too emotional

What You like is not always what other people like. Try to think globally.

Lastly, don’t dwell in the past failures, mistakes or poor performances. There is always tomorrow for improvement of your result.

Think globally, act locally. Elizabeta Miljkovic

Nothing stays there for too long – things are changing fast.

This too shall pass. Nedim Katica

It will make the rich richer, while making the non-rich poorer.

You bet it! Tania Ivanova

...the goal is not always justified by the means.

Mastermind behind the logo. Shravani Kotapaty

Anything gone beyond the limit is always dangerous.

Listen to impress? Tania Ivanova

The presence of a reaction is what makes an impression on someone, no matter whether it is a positive or a negative one.

Survey as a way to see the changes

"Students are mistakenly viewed as some kind of modern slaves"

Nothing but deceitful selfies. Elizabeta Miljkovic

Nowadays, all that matters is to get more readers as possible...

Wild guess. Tania Ivanova

...maybe this is just a protesting vote against a really “smart” question.